Virtual game

Virtual King of the Bootleggers “The Gold Getaway”

Tickets: $15.00 +tax


Virtual 360°: You and your team will explore a 360° virtual room set in the historic Casa Loma.

So you want to be the king of the bootleggers? Well, now’s your chance. Notorious bootlegger Rocco Perri has stepped out for an hour and left his private study unattended. Get your gang together and search Rocco’s room for the secret passwords to unlock the safe holding all of his gold. But you better get a move on–if Rocco returns before you’re out of there it’s curtains for the lot of ya. From your home computer you’ll have everything you need to search Rocco’s room, solve the puzzles to uncover his passwords, and make off with his gold before he’s none the wiser.

Recommended Team Size

4–20 players per game (4–6 players/team)

Game Duration

60 minutes

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