We’re the creative bunch specializing in all things games.

We take small ideas and turn them into gigantic experiences. From the gadgets and the puzzles to the sets and the scripts, we create worlds that you can dive into and be completely swept away. 

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Our team

Patrick Keenan Patrick Keenan
Patrick Keenan
Tina Keenan Tina Keenan
Tina Keenan
Michael Keenan Michael Keenan
Michael Keenan
Head of Player Experience, Co-Founder
Meg Choi Meg Choi
Meg Choi
Operations Manager
Jesse Gazic Jesse Gazic
Jesse Gazic
Game Designer
Usman Basharat Usman Basharat
Usman Basharat
Head of Operations and Finance
Kevin Parnell Kevin Parnell
Kevin Parnell
Head of Creative Design
Iain Workman Iain Workman
Iain Workman
Sales and Customer Experience
Alex Frankson Alex Frankson
Alex Frankson
Assistant Manager